The adoption of strong land use ordinances is essential to protecting the forests, meadows and riparian corridors that make Long Island such a beautiful place to live.  Moreover, the effectiveness of land use ordinances and other governmental policy and efforts are a vital part of the North Shore Land Alliance’s strategy to protect our most important remaining open spaces.

On Long Island, land use decisions are determined at the most localized levels. In fact, the majority of land use decisions made in the Land Alliance’s designated area are made at the village level. Land use ordinances that affect slopes, trees and wetlands have the potential to protect significant natural resource areas, but the effectiveness and strength of these ordinances often differ greatly from village to village

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The Land Alliance stands ready to help villages as needed.  To this end, we have compiled a directory of Model Ordinances for village officials, who are often volunteers, to explore a range of good environmental ordinances.  We also offer Georgraphic Information System (GIS)  mapping services to help villages evaluate their natural resources as well as the impact that future development may have on their community.

To learn more please contact us at  or 516-626-0908.