About the Roosevelt Community Garden

The Roosevelt Community Garden provides community members with an affordable opportunity to grow their own organic produce. The garden is also used as a learning center where students are taught about the connection between agriculture and a healthy lifestyle.

Sizes and Fees: Full plot (4’ x 20’) is $40 per year, section (4’ x 6’) is $25 and Small plot (3’ x 5’) is $15.

Payment can be made online or by contacting the Land Alliance at 516-922-1028.   Once your application and signed waiver are received, we will contact you to confirm your rental for the current season.

Growing Season – Garden plots are distributed on an annual basis on a first come, first served basis.  Rentals must be renewed annually, starting in February.  The garden is accessible to garden members from  April to November, from sunrise to sunset.

Types of Plots:

Individual Plots - Available for individuals/organizations who are interested in securing a single plot of their own.  We have two sizes available - 4' x 20' or 3' x 5'.

Children’s Plots - Available for children, under supervision, to learn how to grow their own food and social skills.

Special Need Plots - The garden is accessible and inclusive to people of all ages, skill levels and physical abilities.

Community Plots - Planted, harvested and maintained by the volunteers.

Benefits of having a garden in your community

Roosevelt Community Garden_Ms. Beasley's class at teh garden on june 12

• Produce fresh, healthy food
• Beautifies our neighborhood reduces crime and creates a sense of community
• Stimulates social interaction, connects people with nature and provides volunteer opportunities for youth
• Promotes sustainable gardening practices which will help protect the natural environment and groundwater