The Land Alliance is turning 15! Many people judge success in terms of metrics like how many acres protected (nearly 1,200), how many members (3,200+ families), how many conservation easements (21), how many preserves open to the public (9), how many children educated (4,400). But here on the North Shore of Long Island, where land is a very precious thing, we prefer to judge in terms of quality – we take pride in the quality of the places preserved (like the Banfi/Youngs Farm fields, Wawapek and Shore Road Sanctuary, Cushman Woods, the Humes property and adjoining Japanese Stroll Garden to name a few), the quality of the water sources protected and the quality of life that is enhanced by our work.

Land Alliance members are invited to join us for a series of events to celebrate this cornerstone year beginning with our Birthday Party on June 2nd Details to follow.