The Owls of Long Island
Stella Miller, Wild Birds Unlimited
Accompanied by Volunteers for Wildlife and Live Owls!

Friday, February 8, 2018 at 7 p.m.
Manor House, Planting Fields Arboretum

Have you ever wondered what an owl eats for dinner? Do you want to know how they find their dinner? What makes them such excellent hunters? Can they really see in the dark? Just how many owls live on and visit Long Island? Join North Shore Land Alliance and Stella Miller, Conservation, Education and Outreach Manager with Wild Birds Unlimited, as she discusses the various owls that call Long Island home as well as the amazing adaptations that make them such remarkable predators.

After Stella’s presentation, we will meet some very, very special guests and hear their stories of how they came to be owl ambassadors.

Registration Required!  For more information, please contact the North Shore Land Alliance at (516) 922-1028 or email info@northshorelandallia