Long Island’s future relies on a well-educated public to be wise stewards of our environment.  As a growing population’s need for more land, water, energy and food gets closer to the limit of the Island’s resources, it is critical that Long Islanders have a good understanding of the role land plays in sustaining our quality of life.  Ultimately, the collective wisdom of our community, gained through education, will be the most compelling and most successful strategy for environmental protection.

A child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. The Land Alliance believes it is important to begin to establish a presence in local schools to advance awareness of local land conservation issues among both children and parents. We have worked diligently to create recreational and educational opportunities for people, protect natural habitats for plants and animals, restore trails, remove invasive species and replant native plant communities. Annually, we sponsor a series of a dozen or more Walks in the Woods guided by experts in their field. We host lectures and panel discussions to help people better understand the important role land plays in their lives from clean water to clean air to our source for local food.  We advocate at all levels of government for stronger conservation policies.

The success of local land conservation relies heavily upon our ability to connect the people of Long Island with the nature around them.  If people experience nature and have a greater understanding of the important services nature provides, they are more likely to make the political choices that ensure a sustainable future.

People and nature are dependent upon each other to maintain nature’s delicate life-supporting balance, to ensure human health and prosperity, and to secure a bountiful, beautiful legacy of resilient, healthy communities.