Every community deserves access to natural places. Whether it’s running  in the woods, bird watching near a local pond, walking through an open meadow or watching the sun set over the Long Island Sound, being outdoors and aware of the world’s beauty makes people feel healthy and alive. Recently, much research has focused on the so-called “nature connection” and how it affects our health, outlook and overall life. Studies have suggested that people who live closer to parks or wooded areas experience less anxiety and depression than those who live farther away from green space.

Since the Land Alliance’s beginning, we have worked with local government and the community to create new preserves, provide stewardship services and offer educational programming.

To date, we have been instrumental in the creation and or expansion of the following preserves:


  • 95 Shore Road, Cold Spring Harbor (yet to be named)
  • Baldwin Creek Sanctuary, Baldwin
  • Brooklyn Water Works Addition to Woodside Preserve, Freeport
  • The Farm at Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Cove
  • Frost Mill Addition to Shu Swamp Preserve, Mill Neck
  • Held Pond Enhancement to Tiffany Creek Preserve, Oyster Bay Cove
  • Red Spring Woods, Glen Cove
  • Redcote Preserve, Oyster Bay Cove
  • Upper Frances Pond, Mill Neck
  • Wawapek Preserve, Cold Spring Harbor