Community outreach is at the core of the Land Alliance’s mission. One of our most important goals is to create a conservation ethic throughout our western Long Island community.  It is our hope that through extensive community outreach efforts, our community will better understand the valuable benefits conservation brings to our lives like clean air, plentiful water, fresh local food and recreational opportunities.  And the more we understand, the harder we will work to protect it

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The Land Alliance works hard to keep our community up to date on important issues that relate to land and water protection on local, state and national levels.  Please join us in our efforts by taking part in the following programs and services:

  • Bi-Monthly On-line Newsletter
  • Semi-Annual Conservation News newsletter
  • Walks in the Woods Program
  • Action alerts
  • Educational Lectures and Panel Discussions
  • Long Island Water Education Program
  • Volunteers for Open Space Program

For more information or to sign up for any of these community programs, please call the Land Alliance at 516-626-0908 or email