We are very pleased to report that completion of the Campaign to Acquire the 32-Acre DeForest Williams Property in Cold Spring Harbor is drawing near. Our community has done something quite wonderful here and we are so close to the finish line. Among government, foundations and private individuals – WE HAVE RAISED $8,185,000 TOWARD THIS $8,500,000 PURCHASE!

Most notably, on May 31st, we met the $500,000 dollar-for-dollar, matching grant opportunity extended to us in late February by an exceedingly helpful anonymous donor. But, we are not there yet … we still have $315,000 to go to complete the entire transaction!

As an added incentive to donors, the Land Alliance has developed a naming rights program which allows generous donors to endow the stewardship of a beautiful tree, install a native pollinator garden, plant a small orchard of fruit trees or purchase a bench to honor a family member or friend. Naming opportunities range from $10,000 to $250,000. To date, we have sold the right to name the main trail head, the planting of one of two small fruit tree orchards and a trailside bench.

Once this property has been acquired, which we expect to happen in August, it will be co-owned by Suffolk County, Town of Huntington and North Shore Land Alliance. The property will be called the Wawapek Preserve and will be maintained by the Land Alliance as a passive use preserve (the Town’s most restrictive park designation). Wawapek Farm was the original name of the property occupied by the DeForest and Williams families for more than 100 years.

Wawapek Preserve will be open to our community from sunup to sundown. A split rail fence and gate will mark the entrance to the property, in keeping with its residential location on Spring Hill Road. A plaque listing all donors will also be installed at the entrance. A small pervious-surface parking lot will be constructed inside the gate to avoid street parking. It is our hope that in time (and with a stewardship endowment), the Land Alliance will be able to continuously improve the habitat value of this magical place. Thanks again for your generous, past support and what we hope will be future support in creating a natural place that will bring peace, joy and beauty to the local community.

Once the official closing has taken place, the Land Alliance cordially invites all neighbors and donors to join us in celebration of this community triumph. A workshop with neighbors of the Preserve will also be held to plan for future use.